Guidelines For Editors

The procedure for reviewing the texts in the journal Postępy Nauk Ekonomicznych.

  1. Only texts prepared in accordance with the "Guidelines for authors" are accepted by the editors.

  2. Theme editor makes an initial selection of articles submitted for the journal edition, after, accepted articles undergo the reviewing procedure.

  3. Each article is always evaluated by two independent reviewers.

  4. In case of publication in a foreign language, at least one of the reviewers is affiliated with a foreign institution established in a country other than the country of origin's. publication

  5. The review is prepared using so called blind-model, in which the author / authors of this article and reviewers do not know their identity. Selection of reviewers is made by the Editorial Board taking into account the recommendations of the Theme Editor.

  6. In exceptional cases, it is possible to use other than blind-model to review. But then the reviewer is obliged to sign a declaration of no conflict of interest, which is considered to occur between the reviewer and the author directly:

    • personal relationships (kinship to the second degree, legal relationships, marriage)
    • employee relations
    • scientific cooperation in the past two years prior to the preparation of review.

  7. Review shall be in writing in accordance with the design review and ending with an explicit request to admit the article to be published or rejected. The positive conclusion of the review allows the reviewer to determine the extent of the necessary adjustments.

  8. UGetting two positive reviews means accepting the article for further publishing process. If one reviews the positive and one negative, the decision to continue further work on the text taken shall be  together by the Editorial Board and Theme Editor. In the event of receiving two negative reviews the article is automatically rejected. The editors reserve the right to refuse to accept an article, even if he receives two positive reviews.

  9. Once a year, a list of names of cooperating reviewers is reported to the public. The names of reviewers for individual articles are not disclosed.



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